80 years ago the Afamir Trading Company established a trading port on the eastern shore of the Mourning Fens near the Stygian gate. Ships carrying a core group of engineers, scouts, sailors, hired swords, and handful of families and second chancers (to run simple bars, goods shops) arrived to found the outpost simply known as the Mourning Fens Afamir Trading Post. All told the settlers counted about 50. Among these settlers were Shanta and Berion Sojet two Elf Clerics of Irori, missionaries commissioned to protect the settlers from the undead of the region and thin out the undead of the wilderness in hopes of eventually expanding the new post.

The presence of the Sojets was key. The Mourning Fens teem with undead activity and the ability to protect a small group of people needed more than swords, it needed divine grace. They gave religious guidance at times, but mostly served to expand the relatively safe area by the Stygian Gate to ensure initially the immediate safety of the settlers and then a more long term entrenchment in the region.

The outpost proved a vital trade route connecting the Gnomes to the South and the human settlements to the North without the risk of a longer trip around the horn. It wasn’t uncommon for the trade post to operate at double or even triple its population with visiting sailors, privateers, and the occasional band of adventurers taking advantage of the new resources in such a desolate area.

Within a decade the area around the settlement had been tamed enough that the Afamir Trading Company made two decisions 1) to offer the Sojets permanent positions (10 years being more a tour of duty to elves) and 2) to transform the now decently established trading post into a full blown settlement. The latter coming in the form of a fleet of 10 vessels (9 successfully making the journey) bringing supplies for a school, houses, barracks, simple farming equipment, as well as a contingent of 10 trained soldiers for permanent stationing (with their families) and another 20 civilian builders/farmers with their families.

It was decided that the trading post needed a proper name. Due to the dangerous nature of the Mourning Fens and the sweeping cleansing by the Sojets and other warriors at the post, the post and the safe land surrounding it had become known as the Pure Mourn (this was also an in joke about the depression caused by living in the shadow of the undead). The Company found that name an unappealing option to sell to new settlers, so appended it to the portmanteau, Purmeron. Even now one can identify a descendant from those first groups of settlers from a newcomer by which name they favor.

The Sojets were members of a particularly strict sect of Irori that demanded celibacy of its missionaries in the aim for perfection and purity. At the time of their permanent stationing, the Sojets petitioned their sect for the right to begin a family. Their petition a success, the following Summer a son, Vilig, was born. They remain among the leaders of Purmeron.


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