Kidnapping on the Moors

The party traveled to the Howler’s Moor in the northeastern part of the Haranshire, in search of a part of missing pilgrims. The pilgrims were scheduled to arrive at Parlfray’s Keep two days ago, as part of the traditional journey of the Chosen of Gadar. When they never arrived, the Count asked the party to investigate.

The party was quickly able to find the pilgrim group’s tracks, and followed them for the better part of a day. Eventually, Bartak heard a noise over the next hill, and the party discovered some of the pilgrim’s guards tied to stakes driven into the ground. Three of the four were dead, and being munched on by a large pack of Death Dogs.

An intense battle followed, with the party emerging victorious after a few brushes with the Reaper. After tending to Vilig’s near-mortal wounds, Ilios attempted to stabilize the last guard with the help of Daba’s magic, to no avail. With his dying breaths the guard spoke.

“They….were taken…by the red-haired man. His eyes…so cold…tied us here…‘for the dogs’…he said. The Chosen…still alive…I…”

Following the man’s death, the party discovered the corpse of a mostly digested dwarf in the remains of one of the dogs. His armor was a fine steel lamellar, not native to this area, along with several coins and a ring of onyx and chrysoberyl.

Kidnapping on the Moors

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