Ascension Gate Timeline

The Timeline

Below is a timeline of events from the age before the Ascension Gate War through current events being explored by the party. Standard year notation is in BG (Before Gate) and AG (After Gate). This is not a complete timeline, but a small sampling of world events. Many events listed are common knowledge based on recovered texts or oral tradition. Character knowledge of these events may be limited barring a successful Knowledge: History check.

c. 2000 BG – The Akadian Empire is established as a small group of technologically advanced allied nations consolidate under one rule.

c. 1900 BG – The First Expansion begins. Akadian military forces conquer several small nations through technological and numerical superiority.

c. 1700 BG – The Second Expansion begins. Akadian forces expand the Empire’s influence to span the entire western continent.

c. 1400 BG – The Council of Thirteen is established. Thirteen of the world’s most powerful wizards regulate the research and use of arcane magic.

c. 1350 BG – Elvish envoys to the Dwarven city of Thaka’Dal are slaughtered after insulting the King. This sparks the bloodiest wars in both races’ history, The Ambassador Wars. The wars last for over 300 years and result in the death of millions.

1028 BG – The Treaty of Dur’Gash ends the Ambassador Wars. An armistice between Dwarf and Elf mediated by Humans allows for diplomatic relations to resume.

976 BG – The marriage between Argos Stonehand and Emperor Cassus of Akadia marks the first interracial union of royal families in over a millenia. The alliance between the Dwarves of Moutaindeep and Akadia proves prosperous and long-lasting for both nations.

c. 800 BG – An Alliance between Akadia and the Elves of the Twilight Lands brings about an age of racial intermingling never before seen.

c. 600 BG – Technological and magical advances allow everyday people the ability to fly in large, carriage-like devices.

c. 540 BG – Alchemical breakthroughs allow the easy replication of precious materials. This information is released by the Council of Thirteen in an effort to end conflicts over resources.

c. 500 BG – Agricultural advancements allow thousands of people to be fed on a fraction of the previously required land.

434 BG – The Renewal Chamber, a blend of traditional, alchemical, and mystical technologies is invented. Within 10 years, death from old age and disease is eliminated.

382 BG – The United Races Accord is signed. The world is united under the rule of a single congress with representative members from all sentient races. The Congress is led by a cabinet of the Akadian Emperor, Protector of the Twilight Lands, and King of Mountaindeep.

c. 50 BG – Overcrowding becomes a global issue as “younger” races now have lifespans equivalent to Elves. The URA Congress beseeches The Council of Thirteen and the Artificer’s Guild work together to find solutions to the problem.

0 BG – The Ascension Gate opens over the Akadian capital city. Within days, the city is a smoking ruin. Millions die in the ensuing chaos.

3 AG – 25% of the Akadian Empire lies in ruin. Member races of the URA fight losing battles against hordes of demons and monsters in the streets of ruined cities.

c. 20 AG – An treaty is signed with the Archons of Heaven to provide aid in the fight against invading forces.

c. 30 AG – Races such as the Tengu, Merfolk, and Grippli appear. Their origins are unknown, but many scholars believe they were an attempt by humanity to create soldiers capable of fighting monsters in hostile environments.

c. 65-74 AG – Humans use the first “Device”. The result is devastation on a massive scale.

c. 75-80 AG – At least three more “Devices” are used. Modern scholars believe the energies unleashed may have been sufficient to turn sand into glass over several square miles.

89 AG – The Ascension Gate vanishes without a trace. Most of the outsiders vanish with it, although mortal monstrosities remained. The energetic backlash of the closure causes the ley lines to become chaotic. 75% of the remaining magic-users are killed by magical surges. Clerics and Oracles report being “cut off” from their deities. (citation needed?) Magical constructs and advanced technology cease operating.

89 AG – c. 150 AG – Magic-Users that have not been burnt out or killed go mad, wreaking devastation upon the remaining strongholds of civilized races. Monsters outnumber all races nearly 20 to 1. Civilization regresses to hunting and gathering, as stationary encampments are wiped out by roaming monsters.

c.151 AG – c.1050 AG – Humans adopt a nomadic lifestyle and numbers dwindle as monsters continue to roam the wilds.

312 AG – The Elvish city of Ashe Tesai is built and elves from all over the world begin to congregate their. The superior lifespan and fighting techniques allow the Elves to establish a small area relatively safe from the dangers of the wilds.

343 AG – The Dwarf city of Dalkhim Faldir is founded. Along with tinker gnomes and halflings, this hidden fortress city provided a safe bastion for these races.

748 AG – The halfling inhabitants of Dalkhim Faldir riot in response to a number of laws and taxes raised against them, marking them as “second-class” citizens of the city.

749 AG – A halfling slum is burned by Dwarven nationalists. Nearly 300 halflings are killed.

749 AG – A halfling militia is formed without consent of the Dwarven King to protect the interests of the halfling population.

750 AG – After failed negotiation, the Dwarven King sends his army to disperse the Halfling militia. This results in the Battle of Halfhall.

750 AG-763 AG – Conflict between Dwarf and Halfling escalates to full-scale civil war, decimating both sides. The Tinker Gnomes depart and found the city of Masterwork to the south.

764 AG – The Treaty of Knot Hill ends the Halfling war. Halflings are given the hilly lands to the northeast of Dalkhim Faldir.

791 AG – Tinker Gnomes begin construction of the “Thermal Clock”, a massive device that utilizes the thermal energy of the active volcano in which it is constructed to keep precise time.

843 AG – Tinker Gnomes complete the Thermal Clock.

844 AG – The volcano that houses the Thermal Clock erupts, destroying it completely.

845 AG – Tinker Gnomes begin construction of the Thermal Clock Mk. II, a device superior to Thermal Clock I both in form and function.

896 AG – Thermal Clock Mk. II is destroyed as it nears completion as the volcano in which it is housed erupts.

897 AG – Current – Thermal Clocks Mk II-XVII are constructed and subsequently destroyed through various natural disasters.

c.1050 AG – c. 1400 AG – Human numbers stabilize and begin to grow as trade with established cities resumes. Humans begin constructing settlements of their own and resume a society of agriculture.

1451 AG – The city of Sistaort is founded by Priarch Hamas, preacher of a new faith known as “The One Truth”.

1489 AG – Construction of the Grand Monastery in Sistaort is begun. Thousands flock to the city for safety and convert to the new religion.

1603 AG – Construction of the Grand Monastery is completed. In honor of his works, Hamas day is founded and celebrated annually.

1617 AG – The first successful use of controllable magic in ~1600 years is discovered. Light was generated without a torch or other mundane means for approximately 6 seconds.

1617-1643 AG – Several dozen magical researchers die in attempts to replicate the cantrip.

1712 AG – A rogue fire elemental summoned by cultists burns down nearly 1/3 of Sistaort’s business district. A group of soldiers gathered by Priarch Foreman annihilate the rogue cultists and contain the fire elemental. Priarch Foreman announces the formation of a new military branch of the church, dubbed the Crusaders of Fire. This would later branch into multiple militant Orders.

1808 AG – Scholars worldwide announce a “settling” of the ley lines has occurred. Magical research resumes, and the Settling marks the beginning of a resurgence in civilization.

1809-1900 AG – As magical breakthroughs improve, humanoid races expand their influence and secure ever growing regions from wild threats.

1907 AG – An expedition to the Mourning Fens aboard the ship Luck vanishes without a trace.

1915 AG – The Luck reappears in Port Amnis as a ghost ship. The galleon Magnificent Lady hails the Luck and attempts to board to assist. The crew of the Magnificent Lady is slaughtered to a man by ravenous undead before the Luck vanishes into an unnatural fog.

1942 AG – The trading outpost Purmeron is established.

2007 AG – A massive Orcish horde under the leadership of the Orog Gorgogg invades the lands east of Kimohidaka.

2008 AG – The Crusaders of Fire under the command of Confessor-General Matthias are mobilized to deal with the Orcish threat.

2009 AG – The Crusaders of Fire are utterly crushed at the Battle of Hao Lang. Survivors report an Orc horde numbering 10,000.

2010 AG – The Orcs arrive at the gates of Kimohidaka, and a massive battle ensues. Kimohidaka is burned to the ground, but the Orcs are routed.

2022 AG – The merchant Gordrenn approaches a group of exceptional individuals to help retrieve some stolen property.

Ascension Gate Timeline

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