The Ascension Gate

Session 1

Monday 7/27

17th of Hamas

-Party of Daba Ruk, Bartak Beartooth, Vilig Sojet, and Illios of the Order of the Merciful Hand enter the Haranshire region.
-Sent by the merchant Gordrenn on contract, the party seeks to deliver a parcel to the wizard Tauster in the town of Thurmaster.
-Party is ambushed while on the road by Lyrchwood by 5 bandits either dressed as farmers or hidden beyond the tree line.
-After a hard fought battle, the party interrogate bandits’ leader Carlanis, discovering orders to steal the parcel as well as abduct Daba.
-After killing the bandit leader, Illios oversees the burial of all the bodies and the party pushes on through darkness to the town of Milborne.

Session 2

Tuesday 8/4

17th of Hamas Evening

-Party enters Melbourne and decide the Silver Crown Inn is best left to locals.
-Meet Old Grizzler in Silver Crown.
-Party goes to Baron of Mutton.
-Meet Andren and his grandfather.
-Meet Andren’s brother Bart.
-Meet Andren’s girlfriend Jelenneth (apprentice to Tauster).
-Meet Samhiese the Priest
-Meet Naften the stable keeper and his dogs
-Daba nearly starts a war putting dogs to sleep so she could spy on our own property

18th of Hamas

- Party comes across ‘The Folly’; a failed merchant’s bridge concept.
-Naften warns us not to stay at the Hound and Tails in Thurmaster.
-Party take passage on a barge to Thurmaster. Bed down for uneventful night along the way.

19th of Hamas

-Party arrives in Thurnmaster. Not much more than a small frontier post.
-Head to Tauster’s Tower (only stone structure in town).
-Meet Tauster and deliver the parcel.
-Tauster knows nothing of Carlanis; suggests that interest was due to the cash value of the spell components in the parcel and Daba just for her exotic nature.
-Meet squire Marlin of Thurmaster.
-Message arrives that Garyld, constable of Milborne, requests the party’s return.
-Party hops barge back to Milborne.

20th of Hamas

-Party again camps after full day of travel on barge. Uneventful night.

21st of Hamas

-Party arrives in Milborne and meet with Garyld.
-Garyld has discovered beheaded bodies the party buried in Lyrchwood, believes them murderers. Jelenneth has also disappeared and the party are suspected.
-Party plead innocence and agreed to help.
-Interview Andren and search Jeleneth’s room for something with her scent.
-Go to the mill; decide not to press questioning w/ parents.
-Send note to Tauster gently inquiring if he called Jelenneth up early (mother was concerned)
-Garyld lends party use of Blue, his dog, to help search Hog Brook, a possible lead.
-Travel along the Churnett river east to farm of Kuiper, a local Ranger.
-Party search Hog Brook w/ Kuiper and meet Olean, a druid.
-Party hopes to also find missing werebear named Maxim
-Party beds down in Thornwood.

22nd of Hamas (pre-dawn)

-Party is awoken by 9 orcs and a hulking Orag.

Session 3

Tuesday 8/25

22nd of Hamas (pre-dawn/dawn)

-The Battle of Hogbrook; ambush by Orcs.
-Vilig has a vision of the missing Jelenneth.
-Declan goes to find Druid for help.
-Party puts down Orcs after hard battle.
-Olean appears after the battle with Blue, dead, his muzzle covered in green blood.
-Seems the Orcs were searching for the werebear.

Session 4

Tuesday 9/1

22nd of Hamas

-The party searches for the werebear.
-Bartak tries to call the werebear using bear tones (not unlike a jewish mother)
-Kuipper leads party East, ends up finding bear tracks.
-Party finds bear, Bartak enters into contract negotiations with the bear.
-Illios heals bear, who calms enough to become a hybrid.
-Kuipper takes Maxim to Crynon farmstead.
-Party heads to Hog Brook, Vilig swims river and ferries party across, they camp on the North side to avoid danger.

23rd of Hamas

-Party arrives back at Milborne and sees an auction taking place.
-Return Blue to a devastated Garyld.
-Tauster hasn’t seen Jelenneth.
-Auction is a foreclosure auction for farmers losing their land due to the New Mire. Darius Carmen’s name comes up (not the first time).
-Group stays night at Baron of Mutton, dodges/calms Andrens fears about Jelleneth.

24th of Hamas

-Party awakes the next morning to an invitation/summons to the big house on the hill to see Darius Carmen.

Session 5

Tuesday 9/22

24th of Hamas

-Bartak has a vision about a stone structure and a one eyed man.
-Party answers summons to Darius Carmen’s house and is met at door by butler.
-Dine w/ Darius Carmen and negotiate jobs with him including the New Mire, bandits, green skins, mutilated sheep, and a Hamas Day delivery.

Session 6

Tuesday 10/13

25th of Hamas

-Party agrees to deliver package to Count Palfrey by Hamas day
-Set double watch when they stop for night; daba/vilig hear an unnatural 2 tone wolf call.

26th Hamas

-Party floats through Redwood and see a small group of farmers/regulars armed w/ pitchforks and crude weapons, talking on the roadway.
-Arrive at Thurmaster and debate as to where to sleep/how to guard the goods.
-Illios stays at warehouse, rest head to Tauster.
-Tauster’s place has been ransacked and he’s had vision.
-Allows party to stay in his tower if they clean it; Bartak stacks things.

27th Hamas

-Party escorts wagons of goods to Count Palfrey. Uneventful.
-Meet Parlfray; seems scattered and forgetful.
-Meet his son Lintern; very nice and enthusiastic.
-Party learns of the return of the lizard men.
-Rabid dogs in the Redwood

28th Hamas

-Group heads back to Thurmaster and spend night at Tauster’s.

29th Hamas

-Party takes the overland road back to Milborne through Redwood.
-Passers by believe rabid dogs have been put down.
-Bartak senses change in berries and nature.
-Woods seem to be under abyssal influence.

Session 7

Tuesday 10/27

29th Hamas

-Forest seems to be under Demon Plague; originating in the abyss.
-Party encounters some form of demonic plague dog w/ dead bodies and kills them.
-Find body of female half-elf (maybe Oracle); died earlier from bludgeoning by inhuman strength; has withered left leg.
-Dead merchant and merchant’s guard are not local, Sistaort (major city). Two men died by dogs.
-Tracks lead away from the glade south toward river, then enter river. Bartak searches underwater, but find no tracks.

Session 8

Tuesday 11/3

29th of Hamas

-Party continues to head West towards the Great Rock Dale.
-Investigate area where they heard howling previously. Investigate farmsteads. Farmer confirms sounds, but other than small farm animals missing, nothing of concern.
-Move on to area where slaughter sheep were found, it’s the evening. The set watch.

30th of Hamas

-Party are pointed in direction of Manis’ farm; where sheep were ripped to pieces.
-Manis’ farm is a little run down, a bit unkempt.
-Brother (Manis) and Sister (Brenda) are aggressively disinterested.
-Manis is far more worldly and cultured than would be expected.
-Wolf tracks are found. Sheep have been torn to shreds.
-Party leaves. Brenda seen in window with a yellow/gold eye. This is day after the last full moon, which Brenda knew.

Session 9

Tuesday 11/11

30th of Hamas

-Party heads West from Manis farm, set watch and hear same double howl from North East beyond the Manis farm. Dana determines it’s from Death Dogs.

31st of Hamas

-Party stages a forced march back to Milborne
-Arrange rooms at Baron of Mutton

32nd of Hamas

-Bartak determines that the choker from the Oracle and the shell necklace taken from orcs match.
-Party meet Rastifer, the general store keeper.
-Party brings Darius Carmen up to speed on tasks, he pays them, sends them directly to the New Mire, and informs them of another shipment to Palfrey in 3 weeks.
-Party heads South to Harlatan, finds very small settlement: storage buildings, the inn, and then surrounding farms.

Session 10

Wednesday 12/2

32nd of Hamas

-Party heads to Inn and determines history of the New Mire. Many ‘causes’ for New Mire, all BS.
years. Every local has their own reason for the new mire and each is equally bullshit

33rd of Hamas

-Party travels to mouth of Cutter Brook through the Terraces and Patchwork Hills.
-Declan discovers a small boy spying on our party; he tells a story about blue skinned demons in the area. Daba determines he’s talking about Goblins.
Boy leads group to farmhouse. They discover Goblins tracks leading East. Party chooses to stay in the farmhouse for the night and trap it. Night is uneventful.

34th Hamas

-Illios is worried about missing Hamas Day
-Party makes a couple of attempts to follow the tracks, loses them, finds them again. The tracks begin to converge as the party reach the Patchwork Hills.
-Party finds a ‘holler’ with two goblins in it.

Session 11

Tuesday 12/29

34th of Hamas

-Party listens in on goblins, learns of religious ceremony.
-Attempt to trap goblins by Bartak dropping behind, immediately foiled by Bartak extreme noisiness. A fight breaks out.
-2 goblis escape into the cave and the party sets up a trap.
-Meet Grundlegek (chieftain)
-Meet Burukkleyet (Shaman) who has an odd gold ring.
-Party enters a negotiation with goblins about the New Mire.
-Ring is determined as possible cause of New Mire.
-Party trade for ring and have 7 days to to return a copy of the ring.

Session 12

Wednesday 1/6

34th of Hamas

-Party marches through the night to Milborne to stay at Baron of Mutton.

35th of Hamas

-Party wakes just before dawn.
-Hamas Day celebrations
-Illios does official things.
-Bartak enters drinking contest.
-Meet Lefayre the traveling priest.
-Vilig sees eye patch man, purchases thieves tools, and daba picks the lock to a warehouse.
-They find the residual aura of what they think is a teleportation spell, but no one eyed man.
-The party retreats to the inn and plan to talk to Tauster about the ring.

Session 13

Wednesday 2/3

1st of Toragas

-Daba has a dream about another Tengu.
-The group heads to Darius Carmen’s to update him on the New Mire and talk w/ Tauster.
-Tauster examines the ring and will send it away for full examination.
-Party plans to visit blacksmith in town and get a facsimile of ring made.

Session 14

Sunday 2/14

1st of Toragas

-Party waits for fake ring to be made, decides to investigate bandits of Lyrchwood.
-Party camps by Cutter Brook

2nd of Toragas

-Heads to location of attack on 17th of Hamas. The graves they left are empty.
-Party search the woods and find nothing of interest.
-Interview a woodsman. Nothing odd. Party heads back to road, works west till dark and camps. Nothing during the night

3rd of Toragas

-Party heads back to Milborne to ask Garyld about the missing bodies and to collect the ring/fascimile from the blacksmith.

4th of Toragas

-Party picks up ring from Walright the blacksmith, deliver facsimile ring to Blue goblin Shaman

5th of Toragas

-Party returns to Milborne.

6th of Toragas

-Party meets with Garyld.
-Party Warns Gerald about the empty graves;
-Garyld plans to investigate William the woodsman on the following day; ask him about inconsistencies in stories.

7th of Toragas

-Party gets crates for Count Parlfray from Darius Carmen, load them on barge. Spend the day on the river and camp just beyond the Thornwood to the south of the river.

8th of Toragas (pre-dawn)

-During Bartak’s watch he hears “Bring the bird and the priest. Kill the rest.”
-The party are ambushed.

Session 15

Thursday 3/3

8th of Toragas (pre-dawn)

-Bartak awakens party as eye-patch man leads ambush.
-Party manages to persevere despite foes’ superior numbers.
-Bartak is cursed .
-Eye-patch man escapes via spell allowing him to fly away on black wings. He spoke in infernal tongue to do this.
-Party retained a prisoner and decide to set off to Thurmaster to complete their delivery and meet up with Tauster.

Session 16

Thursday 3/24

8th of Toragas

-Party attempts to interrogate the fishy prisoner to no avail. Magic is at play.
-Prisoner has seizure and awakes w/ amnesia.
-Party takes the prisoner to Tauster.
-Group takes ‘roger’ to the local squire with a letter from Vilig to Garyld. They plan to return to Milborne to check in on the charges.
-Party continues on to Count Parlfray and is met by Lintern at the door. Dinner begins.
-Bartak presses the story of the Broken Spire keep from Palfray. The party dedicates itself to investigating this.
-Priest Lafayer is at the keep and for 200 gold he removes the curse from Bartak
-Parlfray announce some guarded pilgrims of Gadar have been killed/are missing and they need help.

Session 17

Thursday 4/6

9th of Toragas

-Party agrees to follow the warm trail of the pilgrims and heads out north into the Howler’s Moor.
-Bartak finds tracks of humans heading West, which they follow.
-The party comes to a hillock/rise w/ death dogs on other side, gnawing on staked humans.
-Combat is initiated.

Session 18

Monday 4/11

9th of Toragas

-The party enters a long pitched battle with the death dogs.
-The party collects some remains from the pilgrim remnants.

Session 19

Saturday 5/7

9th of Toragas

-Illios confirms that the dogs have demonic worms and there’s some concern of infection.
-Bartak finds tracks (human feet) heading north westward; attempted to be hidden.
-Bartak and Vilig are very bad in the morning and vomit up eggs and worms.

10th through 15th of Toragas:

-Party abandons warm trail to heal at the keep.
-Vilig nearly dies in bed; Lafayer is called for to heal him.
-The party in total stays at the keep for 5 days
-Daba finds tale of 150 year old tale: Palfrey ancestors moved against evil priest and cult. Some great battle in Hardlow woods; priest stopped, woods cursed, treasure left behind.

16th of Toragas

-The party heads back west searching for tracks; West to the Hardlow woods.
-Moving into the woods Daba detects undead, discovers perfect circle of dead life in mud. Colder than normal. The location of the battle she had researched.
-Camps for the night; first watch (Daba) interrupted by extreme cold. Wakes party up.
-Ghostly visage in dark robe appears.
-The party dispatch 3 ghouls and a wraith.

Session 20

Saturday 5/19

17th Toragas (pre-dawn)

-Daba locates 3 magical aura’:. One where the wraith appeared, two smaller side location.
-Party digs and finds armor, weapons, coinage, and a wizard spell book.
-Vilig and Daba suffer from Ghoul Fever and are weak for a few days after.
-Party camps on the moors.

Session 21

Thursday 5/26

18th of Toragas

-Party travels back to Parlfray’s keep.

19th Toragas

-Daba is stil recovering
-Parlfray is gone; headed South to bolster the troops’ morale in fighting the Lizardmen.
-Vilig and Bartak seek information about the Broken Spire Keep in the private library of the Parlfrays, discovering a likely location in the Thornwood.

20th of Toragas

-Party travels to Thurmaster.
-Bartak seduces a barge master to give the party a ride.
-They meet w/ Tauster who has gotten a letter back about the identification of the magic ring.

Session 22

Thursday 6/9

20th of Toragas

-Party has Tauster identify Daba’s wand.

21st Toragas

-Party resupplies for a week on the road and take the barge to the North side of the river near the Hog Brook to meet up w/ Kuiper.
-Meet Madrigal.
-They learn of a bird people in the woods and the possible disappearance of Olean. Kuiper agrees to go with them in the morning.

22nd of Toragas

-Party and Kuiper travel the length of the Hog Brook.
-They camp at end of Hog Brook.

23rd Toragas

-Kuiper heads to Aarakocra, party splits off South into deep wood.
-The trees change to oaks, the party sets traps, wary of Spiders.
-Party camps for the night.

24th Toragas

-Party comes to the clearing w/ the keep; no wildlife, a death aura as in Hardlow woods.
-Vilig scouts the perimeter, and has to dodge multiple lethal traps.
-Group waits until night fall and use Daba’s levitation and sleep to knock out crossbowman guard on top of keep.
-As Vilig and Bartak scale the keep, Illios (carried by Daba) falls through the rickety tower floor along with sleeping guard.



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