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Friendly NPCs
NPCs listed in this section are not known to be hostile to the party. This section also includes NPCs that are neutral toward the party.

  • Andren the bartender of the Baron of Mutton
  • Burukkleyet the Goblin Shaman
  • Darius Carmen the merchant and local proprietor of Milbourne
  • Garyld the Ranger and Magistrate of Milbourne
  • Gordrenn the Wizard merchant
  • Grundlegek the Goblin Chieftain
  • Jelenneth the missing Wizard’s apprentice
  • Kuiper the Ranger and farmer
  • Lyntern Parlfray the Count’s son and heir
  • Maxim the Werebear youth
  • Oleanne the Druid and “Wild Woman of the Woods”
  • Samheis the Priest of Milbourne
  • Sandar Parlfray the Count of the Haranshire
  • Tauster the old Wizard of Thurmaster

Hostile NPCs
NPCs listed in this section have demonstrated hostile tendencies toward the party.



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