Creeping Along Hog Brook

The Search for Jelenneth

After meeting the people of Milbourne and Thurmaster, the party learned of the disappearance of the wizard apprentice, Jelenneth. Garyld, the magistrate of Milbourne, commissioned the party to search for Jelenneth along Hog Brook. Jelenneth had been known to gather herbs along the brook occasionally, and Garyld surmised she might be in the area.

After meeting the Ranger Kuiper, the party joined with him in a search along the brook for any signs of Jelenneth. After several hours with no trace, they encountered Oleanne, the wild Druid. She informed them of a young man that transformed into a werebear. Kuiper had asked the party to join him in the morning on a search for the werebear, Maxim, to attempt to help him.

Tracking the werebear, it wasn’t long before the party came across him, wounded and afraid. To the surprise of all, Bartak was able to communicate with the creature in Bear-tongue, and after a bit of negotiation, the now-calmer werebear passed out and reverted to his human state. Kuiper took the lad home while the party returned to Milbourne to report the events to Garyld.



Creeping Along Hog Brook

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