One-Eyed Man, the Evil Cleric


Status: Deceased

Ranchefus is the leader of a small gang of bandits and thieves apparently responsible for the recent kidnappings in the Haranshire. Dedicated to the Arch-devil Baalzebul, Ranchefus raises the dead to serve him. He based his operations out of the hidden Broken Spire Keep, and appears to be responsible for the kidnapping of Jelenneth.

The party first encountered Ranchefus in Milborne during the Hamas Day festival. After chasing him to a locked warehouse, it appeared that he vanished into thin air. Later, on the Churnett River, he and a group of his men ambushed the group just before dawn. After being chased off with a display of force, he was seen to fly on dark bat-like wings south into the Thornwood. The party had their final showdown with him at Broken Spire Keep, where he made his base of operations, slaying him and his followers in an epic battle.

He stands 5’9" tall, with brown hair and a swarthy complexion. He is missing his right eye.


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