The Ascension Gate

Bartak’s Beard is Metal AF

Unedited Session Notes from Monday 4/11

9th of Toragas


Vilig crits, Daba lievitates and drops lots of thunder clouds. Doc is made of metal, Bartak’s beard is metal,

Our passion for killing has met their potential for dying.

Doc has a kukri

Bartak won’t stop crit missing and falling down.

Vilig drowns in his own lung blood

story of the fight is a constant stream of critical misses and death

“Maybe they have a shaman death dog with a ring.”

“When does Daba learn fuck-cloud?”

“If my life depends on Bartak keeping anything clean, I’m in a lot of trouble.”

GM: the remains of a dwarf spill out of the death dog.
B “My people.”
V “I thought Bears were your people.”
B “They’re all my people…That’s why I’m conflicted.”
GM: There’s dwarf armor.
B: “This is great!”
V: “So much for conflicted.”

The party collects some remains from the pilgrim remnants.


As much as I love the other entries, there is something special about session notes. They always make me laugh.

Bartak’s Beard is Metal AF

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